Ikea Tradfri Motion Sensor Kit

Ikea TRÅDFRI Motion Sensor Kit – is not that smart!

I had great plans to install some eco lighting in my home, sadly the Ikea Tradfri Motion Sensor Kit is not very dependable and has let me down so much I’ve had to get rid of it.

More Lemon than useful…

I’m not a fan of bad reviews, and I definately consider myself a fan of Ikea generally in most of what they design and manufacture.  But sadly I have to say that personally I have found the TRADFRI Motion Sensor Kit is no more useful than a mouldy lemon.

The light is great, it’s fast to warm up and switch on using the light switch. However, the so called motion sensor switch is close to being absolutely useless.

  • It’s slow to recognise motion – surely that should be it’s strong point.
  • It can’t recognise anything when the room is warm or humid – so kitchens, utility rooms are out.

I have tried to use this in the kitchen for safety reasons – to switch the light on & off when when carrying drinks & plates without having to juggle with the light switch.

But it’s just of no use, by the time it switches on, I have already walked in and put the plates in the sink and had just walked straight out of the door again – useless.

I had high hopes to use throughout the house…

I had high hopes for this, no fixed installation, easy to install, easy to set up groups of lights. I was going to buy several to put in all the rooms in order to save on electricity. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to work very well at all. I tried it in several rooms and moved the sensor around several times keeping it away from light and heat and moisture just to make sure it wasn’t me.

I have installed many motion sensors in my time from over sensitive computer room door unlocks & interlocks to mundane burglar alarm sensors. I have never had so many issues with placement sensitivity as I have with this sensor.

My guess is that Ikea have released this in a bit of a rush and haven’t had it tested thoroughly. Normally Ikea items are pretty decent and well tested, this doesn’t seem to follow their usual pattern of quality assured items.

Traditional alternatives are less expensive…

This Smart Sensor Kit is definitely not a smart choice at £25 because it’s stupid, useless and a bit of a lemon. It would be great if it worked 100% of the time, but it doesn’t, so why pay a premium for a retro fitted device that isn’t dependable.

Typically you often need to change or modify most UK ceiling roses anyway to use Ikea light fittings. So if you need a dependable motion operated light, then save yourself the wasted time and get a a traditional 360 degree ceiling sensor from the likes of B&Q or Screwfix etc for the same price or lower. You may as well wire one of these more eco-friendly units in place at the same time as fitting your Ikea light fitting.

My personal opinion…

If I was giving marks out of Ten, then it’s a very sad and lonely 1 pointy headed person, alone in the dark because the light won’t switch on.


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