Indesit IDV75 7kg Tumble Dryer Review

When our 2.5 year old Tumble Dryer stopped working, I bought the UK Manufactured Indesit IDV75 EcoTime 7kg Tumble Dryer to see how it fairs amongst the competition.

Why did I buy this?

After shopping around for the absolute cheapest tumble dryer we opted for the Indesit IDV75 EcoTime 7kg machine. There were cheaper offerings as always in Argos from about £140, but as always; they were out of stock, hmm.

I did a quick look at some local shops, because I would have preferred to support local, but they were all so expensive especially with delivery added on top. So I went to John Lewis online and bought one from them, because it was the second cheapest, and a very well trusted UK retailer with a great customer service history.

I always buy the cheapest Tumble Dryer…

When I was a domestic appliance engineer some 30+ years ago, there used to be a real difference between the brands. And paying more typically got you more features or more quality or both.

But these days most brands of domestic appliances are made by the same manufacturers in Turkey using similar parts. This one however is made in the UK, so another good reason for me to buy it, by supporting UK workers.

I have a permanent replacement plan…

I have purchased some expensive machines in the past, and found they haven’t really lasted that much longer than the cheapest. So now I always buy the cheapest Tumble Dryer, because they get so much wear and tear they never last a long time anyway.

Choosing the cheapest does quite likely mean that it fails sooner than later. But if you can get one for only £140 then that’s only £70 per year if it were to fail in exactly two years. And I say two years because that’s typically the Guarantee period. My last £140 machine lasted 2 and a half years.

So if you buy a £400 machine then you would at least expect it to come with a 5 year Guarantee, right? Wrong?

Expensive doesn’t guarantee a longer lifespan…

All the expensive machines I have tried in the past have lasted little longer. And None, including a £400+ Zanussi have ever lasted beyond 4 years.

So that £400 machine over four years had cost me £100 a year, in advance. Compared to my last cheapo £140 machine that cost a mere £56 per year in comparison.

And when I finally have to replace my cheap purchase, I get a brand new fresh and clean replacement. And one that’s guaranteed by My Own past experience to last another couple of maintenance free years.

Manufacturer Guarantees aren’t all good!

I know you can get extended Guarantees, but even those have limits and potential call out charges if you call them out by mistake. Or if they can’t find a fault, despite you experiencing problems, you will get charged for their inconvenience. They never seem to be in the consumers favour.

But what’s more important to me is the sheer inconvenience when the machine starts to go wrong time after time. So I think, why pay more than you need to each time. You can spread the overall cost, and replace them with a brand new machine every 2.5 – 4 years.

The Indesit IDV75 does come with a 10 year Indesit Parts guarantee should I want to keep it a bit longer once it starts failing. But I doubt I will use that because labour call out charges and inconvenience would then start to kick in.

So now you know why – what about this machine…

Indesit IDV75 EcoTime Vented Tumble Dryer

Well there isn’t much to say, it works perfectly. Does what it says it can. It’s really simple. Just one main dial timer control knob. A Start button. And a heat button. You turn it on to the time, press start, it counts down and switches off. Simple as one-two-three.

It’s also quiet – for the moment. Takes a single duvet. Has a large lint filter. You can set it to do a quick refresh – when drying overnight and want to remove creases in the morning. It is a vented machine – so you need to pop the hose on to an outside vent hole. It was made in the UK. And it has a B energy rating.

What if it goes wrong before 2 years?

I chose to buy this from John Lewis so it came with a very decent 2 year Parts and Labour Guarantee. So I know this machine will be good for at least two years and the peace of mind that should it go wrong in the first 24 months, it will be fixed.

At £169 I think I have made a good purchase. If I’m lucky, because this isn’t one of the Vestel made machines, this UK built appliance may hopefully last a bit longer than previous purchases and other brands. So here’s fingers crossed it will last at least 3 years. If it does, then that will only cost me £56.33 a year, which will be excellent.

I will add an update to this post to reflect the use over time, and also when it finally breaks down, so that you get a real consumer usage report on this little bargain beauty.

Date of Purchase 28th February 2018 – Priced at £169 from John Lewis.


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