4 Feet Tall Inflatable Daleks are Fun

The looks on the faces, of everyone was priceless. I wish I had photographed the reactions rather than the Daleks themselves. This could be a good idea for future posts.

My kids loved growing up with these

When my daughter was born, I was always trying to find ways of earning extra money for the future. One of them was to sell Doctor Who memorabilia, including 4 feet Tall Daleks.

We still have several of these around the house, some still in their boxes, a few un-inflated in the garage, house, greenhouse. And one called Desmond in my daughter’s room – although he’s feeling a little let down at the moment.

Why Daleks?

My young son loved watching Doctor Who so much that he said he wanted a Dalek. So I thought I will buy some for him.

The New Generation series was about to start in 2005, so I contacted the BBC and they put me in touch with the current licensees of the product range, Project Enterprise.

Inflatable Daleks Rock

I bought a few hundred Daleks of all descriptions, mouse mats, playing cards, paper weights, models, cookie jars, remote-controlled, metal clock work and about twelve dozen 4 feet tall inflatable Daleks of different colours. With the intent to sell them.

When I saw the inflatables I knew these would take off. Well not literally, but I sold a hundred in about a month. These rocked. They were so cool. The feedback was great.

Photo-Bombing Daleks

I had ideas of putting about 50 in a field and just taking lots of photos, like an art installation. Or filling a hall with these for kid’s birthday parties. I think I could have had more fun with them than just selling them.

We had some great Days out looking back and I wish I had thought about taking some out to take photographs here and there.

Photo-bombing Daleks

But sadly we never did. I still used 35mm Film and so did my wife, so the idea never took off. And then there was Photoshop, why bother to go to all the fuss when you can fake Photo-bombing Daleks.

Well you can’t fake that look

As the last few Daleks were selling at the car-boot a few years later. With a couple of these on the Car Roof enticing people forwards and watching their faces. It just hit me. What a lot of fun we have had with these.

The looks on the faces, of everyone was priceless. I only wish I had photographed them rather than the Daleks.

We had shared the Fun

We gave them as presents; some to adults as a joke, some to my kids friends for their birthdays. I even modified some to have mounting hooks so that I could give them out as props to some local retailers also selling Doctor Who merchandise.

We had seen faces of astonishment, sheer fear and panic, surprise and absolute joy to seeing or being given a 4 Feet Tall Dalek. It sure was a conversation starter. But the fun was priceless.

So, it hit me again…

When the BBC put these Salt and Pepper pot despots in the design stream, they really hit the spot. It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone that sees these seem to instantly know they are bad news. Even those that don’t watch Doctor Who. Cats and dogs instinctively run away or approach with caution.

So that’s it, I have another idea. I’m going to create a few posts of these positioned in unlikely places and wait for people to react and take a few photos. I will post the ones that are ok’d here on TappinToad.

If you’re interested in future possible posts then please follow me or leave a comment.


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