About the TappinToad

Ex IT professional wage slave juggling a part Vegan family and following an eco-friendly lifestyle whilst still enjoying little pleasures like rum tasting and home brewing.

I’m not a Blogger – I just forget a lot…


Yes I know that’s probably what some bloggers may say initially when starting up. But it’s so true in my case, I am most definitely not a blogger, a reader or a writer, but I am giving it a go.

So from my obvious expertise in Flute Pasty playing, to these weird ramblings of a common man making more room in my tiny little brain. I hope for your sake my writing get’s better over time.

My Alter Ego

I suppose when it comes to ranting and raving about something, then TappinToad is my extremely experienced alter ego as well as being my pen name.

My excuse for such ramblings is that I’m an old and ex IT professional wage slave turned a bit mad over the years, so blogging about all the stuff learnt along the way will be fun.

the best Yorkshire Puds me dad made

Personally I have used some great products, eaten some good food, and enjoyed some great work & life experiences, which I will always rave about, alongside some bad that deserves a good rant.

I also hate stupid things, stupid ideas, and stuff that just doesn’t work and must admit I do have a little rant when that happens, even when I’m to blame.

My New Internet Home

TappinToad - Owning the Flexitarian Lifestyle

This brand new shiny Three-up & Two-down TappinToad.blog is the new home for all my articles.

It’s a definite mixed bag, an alphabet soup, and testimony to my mad tappin antics.

The subjects I write about are as varied as the voices inside my head!

I put almost everything here that I don’t guest blog on other sites.

So you are sure to find something from amongst my assortment of rants, raves, reviews and general ramblings across a whole range of subjects.

My Forgotten Wonderness

The subjects I write about are as varied as the voices inside my head, was a quote I always loved.

I can’t quite remember who said that, but I can hear him now…

Oooh, time for another stupid quote Sunshine!!!

Morecombe-MellorsFrom Coffee Machines to Coding, vegan diets to the best yorkshire puds my dad made.

Including the best homebrew that made me fall over as a teenager interested in the chemistry of beer-making and beer-drinking, to all the wonderful things I have discovered along the way with my family.

All the knowledge I have learnt over 45+ years of realising I had knowledge, versus the last 5 years realising I am losing it is rattling around the inside of my head and just waiting to get out!

I do apologise in advance, but hopefully in all the Toad Soup that is this blog, that you find something that  you like, learn, or laugh at.




TappinToad - Owning the Flexitarian Lifestyle


    • Thanks Lawrence, And as I hold you partially responsible for inviting me into the world of IT all those years ago you may find some of your quotes in here TOO 🙂

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