Being a flexitarian is basically like being a part-time Vegan, whether individually or as a family unit.

We will be adding a lot of posts about being a flexitarian and what it’s all about: juggling with meat and non-meat and dairy diets; how to keep these foods apart when preparing them; food hygiene; serving up both vegan & meat food at the dining table… and more.

Being a flexitarian is not about being lazy or uninterested in being 100% Vegan. In a family setting, it’s more about being totally inclusive of the needs of everyone, and that includes meat eaters.

It’s too easy to be totally exclusive on ONE thing or another. The important point is in the understanding that not everyone thinks or needs the same as everyone else, and that there is no one single panacea for us all.

The art is being able to JUGGLE the needs of Vegans, Vegetarians, Lactose or Gluten Intolerant or Sensitive sufferers and meat eating omnivores alike is important to everyone.

It would be all too simple to say, right, no more of anything other than plants, otherwise you are nothing. But that will then discriminate between those that need or want meat in their diet, even just occasionally. And discrimination of any kind is bad, especially towards children.

So yep, I personally would like the idea of being 100% vegan, my Wife is already 100% vegan. But our kids are not, they still want meat and as they are still growing need some meat in their diet. It may be choice or peer pressure, but it doesn’t matter, because it’s their choice.

And we are in no way going to force anyone to be vegan just because we want to be, or because it’s just easier in the kitchen or at the dining table.

So you will find that a very large part of this blog is about how to cook and prepare vegan meals alongside non-vegan meals.

But also, how to serve these to non-meat and meat eaters alike with due respect towards each other, without one or the other becoming self conscious in their dietary choice, stance or situation.