Sustainable Living

I am all about being frugal, so it’s only natural that frugality extends to the worlds resources as well.

Personally I love the idea of being 100% self sustainable, but as a realist I also recognise that we could only ever be near perfectly self sustainable.

With the ever nearing deadline for the removal of both petrol and diesel cars, I am getting increasingly excited about the possibility of become nearer the 100% self sustainable, as long as we as a family also become 100% vegan.

We don’t have the land nor the inclination to rear our own animal food stock, and would rather live on plant food. If we can also have our own source of energy for an electric vehicle, and our house, then I think we could really be near the 100% self sustainable.

But although this is the ideal, our blog is more realistic. We don’t expect anyone to be 100% self sustainable. However, any action taken that gets closer to that will always be a good direction to take. And that IS what this blog is about. You may not achieve 100% self sustainability but any steps you can make to achieve some self sustainable is a step in the right direction.